SOHL - Servants of His Love

Servants of His Love

S.O.H.L. Mate Mission Opportunities:

Serving God By Serving Others

                         Click here to see S.O.H.L. Mate Mission website

S.O.H.L. Mates is a ministry of the ARC that works with groups and individuals who desire to show Christ’s love as they help with various tasks around the campus. Volunteer your time and you will be blessed as you are being a blessing to others.

If you and/or your group would like to join the S.O.H.L. Mates for a few hours, a few days, or even an entire week-long mission trip, contact the ARC:

* Free Room and Meals! *

Thank you for all you do for the ARC!  You are a Blessing!

FYI - The ARC is not just for AFLC Retreats/Conference/gatherings. People and groups of all sorts have met at the ARC. Family reunions, Scrapbooking groups, Band camps, College clubs, Bible studies, Quilt and Craft groups, Recovery groups, Athletic groups. Some groups stay overnight, some for a couple hours. ~ All you have to do is call the ARC for availability and pricing. Let them know how many will be there, when and how long your stay is, what kind of rooms you need (sleeping, meeting, gym), and if you will be getting meals there or bringing your own food (kitchen available in some buildings). There is also a link on their website to view floor plans for lodging. Whether you prefer a rustic tent area, a camper area with hookups, dorm style rooms, motel-type rooms, or a house. Most buildings are handicap accessible.